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Under the title“Alltags(T)räume” 2023 is about stories from everyday life in Berlin with an insight of the different realities of life in a big city. Through moments of encountering, changes in perspective, that generate empathy and solidarity, are enabled.

The first storytelling festival took place in autumn 2021 in the midst of the pandemic. It enabled to bring stories from everyday life in the Berlin neighborhood, which mainly took place at home due to the pandemic, back outside. In 2022, under the title "Vom Begegnen (und) Erzählen", the aim was to work through the pandemic together with the power of telling, listening and encountering.

In 2023 we are looking ahead; the aim is to track down socio-political issues, visions and dreams and to negotiate them together with the visitors. In order to create participation and exchange and to make togetherness visible, all elements will happen with and within the audience and the participants and viewers will be empowered to express themselves artistically. The forms of expression are free; this can include music, singing, dancing, theater etc. The content is multilingual and translated by both sign language interpreters and communication companions. At the "meeting market" between food sharing and a quiet corner, you'll find artistic and participatory design formats such as screen printing and poetry workshops to try out and participate.
The entire event is barrier-free accessible.



Photos Copyright by Silke Mayer 2022


Short and sweet:
storytelling festival

06.10. – 07.10.22

Herrfurthplatz 14

12049 Berlin

Hosted by:

interkular gGmbH
Phone: +49 30 54 83 76 46


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